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"You realize that your origins don't coincide with your current life and it's like a conflict. How much do I like my new life? Am I now wearing a mask? It's a mixture. You don't dress up, I'm the same as before. But I have been living in the city for years and I've warmed to things I like. There is a modern side to me, but I am still a village girl"
Raquel Córcoles

Con esta reflexion os dejamos con unas cuantas fotos que hizo Pedro en la ultima visita al Macba en la que visitamos la exposicion Volumen y la del centro internacional de fotografia de Barcelona. Parada obligada en esta ciudad cada unos cuantos meses. Richard Meier en esplendor

With this quote, we leave you with some pictures Pedro took on our last visit to MACBA museum, in which we visited the expositions "Volumen" and "Centro Internacional de fotografia de Barcelona". A must see in this city once or twice a year. Richard Meier at his best. 

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